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  • The Joneses Are Not Your Customers

    Want to know how to make your customers happy? Here's how: Organizational culture should produce agents who create the experience customers want. Product quality, pricing and customer service should align with what the customers hope to acquire from the brand. And performance should be measured based on the expectations the customers have for the brand’s delivery. Discover more tips here.

    The business rule to "keep up with the Joneses" might be detrimental in the world of customer management.

  • Use Customer Feedback to Leverage Customer Intelligence
    The many different methods by which customer feedback is captured require companies to integrate all sources of customer feedback. Lack of integration of the various sources can hinder improvement efforts for a variety of reasons.  The use of business intelligence and analytics solutions to store, report, analyze and distribute role-based feedback to employees empower them to take action.  
  • The Top 5 Reasons Big Data is Valuable to Your Business
    Have you started thinking about how your company will value and leverage your big data assets? If not, it's time to play some catch up. Cross industry businesses have welcomed big data analytics with open arms after seeing its benefits first hand. What they found were five actionable reasons businesses need to jump into the practice with both feet.    
  • Why Do We Reward Our Customers?Why Do We Reward Our Customers?
    Here, CMIQ takes a look at some common, pointed objectives businesses have for rewards programs.  We also look at some of the shortcomings and complications associated with most efforts to achieve these objectives, thereby raising concerns about whether more than a slim minority of businesses should presently be celebrating the “success” of their rewards and loyalty initiatives.
  • More than a Microphone: Using Social Media to Build Customer RelationshipsMore than a Microphone: Using Social Media to Build Customer Relationships
    "...One of the most effective uses of social media is to build and deepen relationships with customers" Read this article by CMIQ contributor Becky Carroll, where she explains the role social media plays in engaging with your customers.
  • Don't Want Your Customers to Leave?  Act Like It!Don't Want Your Customers to Leave? Act Like It!
    CMIQ's Brian Cantor evaluates that successful businesses and brands "must own every step of the customer relationship." Read this article and learn more about the role a business must play in the building and perpetuating long-term relationships with their customers.
  • 5 Crucial Customer Engagement Tips: It’s Time to Rethink Your Organization5 Crucial Customer Engagement Tips: It’s Time to Rethink Your Organization
    This years Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit explores the tools and templates for effectively engaging your customer. This article explores the importance of distinguishing engagement from experience on the grounds that engagement goes beyond managing the experience at touch points to include all the ways companies motivate customers to invest in an ongoing relationship with a product or brand.
  • Trump Hotel Wins By Not Taking Customer Experience ShortcutsTrump Hotel Wins By Not Taking Customer Experience Shortcuts
    True customer management success lies at the core of the organization. This article emphasizes the importance of taking customer experience seriously. Shaping the entire organization around customer satisfaction will lead to greater customer loyalty.
  • Connecting to Empowered ConsumersConnecting to Empowered Consumers
    Today's consumers have more power than ever before. Companies that choose to reconnect with the consumer by listening to and responding to their powerful voice will be poised for success in this new age. Download a complimentary copy of Connecting to the Empowered Customer now, and learn about the evidence that points to competitive advantages for companies that have implemented successful customer strategies.
  • Nordstrom: Care About the Customer...Or Say Bye-ByeNordstrom: Care About the Customer...Or Say Bye-Bye
    When Nordstrom talks customer management, people listen. Nordstrom’s executive vice president Jamie Nordstrom recently cautioned, “Companies were in control even up until 2000. But now the customer is in the driver's seat. If you embrace that, you will thrive. If not, then by 2020, you will not survive!” Asking a brand to deliver the experience its customers most desire is far from a new proposition.  In this “age of the customer,” brands are constantly informed that if they do not act in their customers’ best interests, someone else will. According to Nordstrom, brands must strive to be the best at every touch point…in the customer’s eyes.
  • [Infographic] What Makes Customers Stay Loyal?[Infographic] What Makes Customers Stay Loyal?
    Media Partner shares this infographic which explains how brands can gain loyal customers.
  • [Infographic] What Customer Purchases Reveal About Behaviour[Infographic] What Customer Purchases Reveal About Behaviour
    Media Partner shares this infographic which examines how retailers can leverage customer purchasing intelligence for marketing purposes.
  • [Infographic] Not Just a Pretty Interface: Why Your CRM Must Be Intuitive[Infographic] Not Just a Pretty Interface: Why Your CRM Must Be Intuitive
    This infographic from explains the value of an intuitive CRM interface.
    John Cheney is the CEO of, which develops Cloud CRM systems specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Read more of his content on CRM technology by subscribing to the CRM Software blog. You can also find John on Google+ and Twitter.


  • How Sears is Unlocking the Door to True Customer LoyaltyHow Sears is Unlocking the Door to True Customer Loyalty
    In this podcast, Phil Shelley, Chief Technology Officer at Sears, reveals some of the creative ways Sears is transforming data into real customer loyalty and business results and sheds light on the challenges and pitfalls to mirroring his success. Similar issues will discussed at the Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit this January in Orlando.